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New Fanfiction Dark secrets of Sara Sidle
Author~~~ Sulas Matros Rosario
Rating~~~~ Lets say nc-17
Summary~~~~ Sara secrets
Pairing~~~ S/C S/LH
Word count~~~~332
Feedback~~~ Please still room to improve.
Notes~~~ If you like it I might do a part 2 where Catherine finds out.
Shot outs~~~ To my girl Ashley if it wasn’t for you this would never have been finished.

Dark secrets of Sara Sidle

She’s told herself time and time again she wouldn’t go back no matter what. But here she was on the doorstep to Lady Heather’s home. She knew what wait for her inside yet she stayed with her feet firmly planted to the ground.

“This is a mistake.” She thought as she opened the door. She shouldn’t be here Catherine was asleep and she should be at work. Yet she was entering the luxurious home knowing exactly where the Dominatrix was.

As she entered the room her eyes gazed upon a bath of red. “blood.” Came to mind as she went forward to inspect it further, her finger dipped into it she realized it wasn’t, just water and food coloring.

A small laugh was heard to her right as she saw the young women. Her eyes were green as emeralds and a dark mist hung around her naked body. She strode up to her toy placing the collar around her neck.

Sara smiled so happy to see the women that gave her such exquisite joy. She was sure this would be the last night. She’d leave and never return but she was lying to herself and to Catherine.

As those firm rough hands teased her nipples and plunged her into ecstasy. At these times she didn’t think of Catherine, the women she had married. She didn’t think about the fact that she was cheating and hurting her.

She could hear Heather’s voice in her ears. “Some secrets are best kept secret.”

Sara nodded. Picking up her clothes and wearily leaving. She knew she couldn’t stay because if she did she’d stay for good and be the whore that she felt she was.

Sneaking into the room in the morning and holding Catherine close.

“How was work baby?”

“Fine just fine.” Her lies and secrets she’d keep hidden till she could fight off the urge to feel pain.


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Ok Tabby, here's my honest comment (from GothicMaryP)

All in all, a fair read, it was a little sketchy to be honest. You have good ideas and bubbling creativity that claws to come out, however, I think the blunt/sketchiness of your writing style ruins your actual story. Other than that, keep going – now you’ve got me curious!

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