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Awful Sweet to be a little Butterfly

I close my eyes

Wicked Reunion??
If any of you know the show Glee then you've seen the lovely Chenoweth in it this season but coming this next half season will see a reunion of Glinda and Elphaba. Idina Menzel will be coming on for the other half of the season as a coach for an opposing Glee team and its said from spoilers that the two will be seeing some sparks fly anyway just thought anyone who's a fan of either would like to know their also might be it hasn't been confirmed that the two will be singing one of the wicked songs together. I just thought anyone who loves these gorgeous talented women would appreciate hearing the news.

Also being a newbie to this particular pairing anyone know a good beta reader? I've been lurking around for quite sometime and you are all very talented writers.

im back
 im bacccck its been  ahwile couldnt find my username and p/w

Fan fic part 2
part of Dark secrets of Sara Sidle
Part 2 Glass shards and lighters
Author::: Sulas Matros Rosario
Disclaimer~~~~ There not mine but hey should be.
Rating~~~ Pg-13 curse words
Feedback:::: You gave it to me the first time do it again.
Notes::::: One night and a day and this baby was done and much tears later. *sniffles* the things I do to my characters. Word count 1110 I think dam word count

*Sulas on microphone*

Previously on csi~~~~ She could hear Heather’s voice in her ears. “Some secrets are best kept secret.”

Sara nodded. Picking up her clothes and wearily leaving. She knew she couldn’t stay because if she did she’d stay for good and be the whore that she felt she was.

“How was work baby?” Catherine asked Sara as her wife crawled wearily into bed.

Sara yawned. “Exhausting cases are hard to crack without you.”

Catherine smiled kissing Sara on the head then getting dressed for work.

She had a bounce in her step and her face just seemed to glow a million watt smile.

“Hey Catherine.” Grissom said as he handed her the report for the day.

“Hey how you been?” she asked reading over the file as she flipped through seeing what the night shift had gotten through.


“Hmmm.” He said taking off his glasses to wipe his eyes.

“Why isn’t Sara on this list?”

Grissom looked up at her surprised. “She’s taken the month off. Didn’t you know?”

Catherine nodded feeling stupid. “Of course….. must have slipped my mind.” Her hand going up to her head wondering what was going on.

“You have a nice day Cat see you in a few weeks.” She nodded waving him off. She was confused about this and what was Sara was up too.
Work went by slow as Catherine watched the clock filling out her paper work then heading home.

Sara was up dress a lot more casual then she normally did. That was the first sign that caught her attention Sara was wearing evening wear for like a club or something.

The next thing that caught her eye was that Sara seemed to be wearing an expensive bra underneath her clothes.

“You want any dinner Sara?” she asked sweetly as her lover read the paper.

Sara nodded. “I’m starved.”

Catherine smiled sweetly. “Alright steak and eggs coming up.” She turned on the stove cooking one steak and eggs. Then she took a raw steak and egg yolks putting it on a plate and slamming it in front of Sara.

Sara looked up at her questionably.

Catherine slammed the paper down in front of her. “I know.”

Sara read the paper then cursed herself in her head.

“The question is my dear Sara where are you going if you’re not going to work?” A harsh tone was in her voice causing Sara to shudder.

“No where.” She didn’t have a good excuse and not thinking she’d ever get caught just sat there.

Catherine just walked away leaving Sara to go outside and head to a bar Lady Heather could wait she needed to get drunk now!

Catherine grabbed Sara’s clothes hoping to get something on there she took it down to the lab searching for DNA or something that could rule out an affair.

Three hours later and she’d found the match she was pissed. She knew who this girl was and where she lived. She got into her car heading to Lady Heather’s house already seeing Sara’s car parked in the driveway made her even more pissed.

She knew from experience you could just walk in to a place like this. That’s what she did she could hear the groans and moans of her Sara. She’d know those cries of love and wanting from anyone. Jealousy picked at her heart. She opened the door slowly knowing this was Heather’s private room. It was big and spacious she tiptoed in hearing the last cries come from Sara’s lips then a rustle of clothing.

“I can’t stay here.” Sara said fixing her clothes and hair.

Lady Heather lay out on the bed grabbing her hand pushing her towards her. “Stay.” She commanded but Sara knew she couldn’t.

“I can’t.”

“Why?” the women asked.

Sara brushed her bed hair. “Because this is wrong I love Catherine not you. Catherine is my wife.”

“Then why are you here?” Lady Heather asked cockily.

Sara shrugged.

The Dominatrix stood up inching closer. “You need that taste of the dark side. You need the pleasure and pain the blood, sweat and tears. You need to be mistreated and abused because if you didn’t you wouldn’t feel whole.”

Sara shook her head. “No I need Catherine and Lindsey, this is the last time you’ll ever see me here.”

“You say that every time and yet you come back wanting only what I can give you.”

Sara walked towards the next room. “No, I’m through.” She stopped in her tracks as she saw Catherine there tears of hate and pain stained her face.

Sara tried to reach for her but Catherine left going outside to her car and taking out a baseball bat. She took the bat smashing in the windows of her lover’s car one by one. After she was done Sara tried to comfort her.

“No, no you slut!!!! Till death do us part. That you’d care in sickness and in health and that you’d honor and love thee. What was that all a bunch of lies?!!!!!!” Catherine kept the bat in her hand wanting to take a good swing at Sara.

Sara was silent head bowed in shame.

“I want you out. Out of our lives and out of our home you pack your shit and get out!!!!!” she got into her car slamming the door. She banged on the steering wheel angrily trying to piece together what went wrong.

Sara just stood there by the window begging her to let her in. “Catherine please don’t do this please!!!!! I love you don’t leave me!!!” she banged on the window tears rushing down her eyes as she tried to get in.

Catherine unlocked the door letting Sara get in. She drove them home without another word then pushed Sara inside to their bedroom. She kissed her tenderly then tied her up she pulled her hair and punched and beat. Blood was on Sara’s nose and lip there was no sexual act to it. Catherine beat her punching and biting and hitting with all her strength.

“Whore!!!!! Bitch!!!!” all the words that could come to mind came out of her mouth. Sara just lay there eventually passing out from the pain. Catherine may’ve been mad but she wasn’t stupid. She had beaten Sara pretty well but hadn’t done any major damage except a busted lip, black eye and bloody nose. Then she grabbed onto Sara hugging her tight and kissing her softly.

3 months later

Sara was leaving at her old apartment again. Her life had been pushed into a blender chopped to a fine slop. She went to check her mail seeing the divorce papers she sighed. Her hand shook as she signed her name to the documents she wished none of this had happened that it wasn’t real yet it was. She closed the envelope and placed the stamp on it sealing her fate. It was almost as if she was saying goodbye to that life. Her heart broke and she knew this would hurt for a long time.

There was a knock at the door as she placed it in the Fed ex container. She opened the door surprised at who the visitor was. “Lindsey.”

The little thirteen year old waved holding a note in her hand. “Mom says to give this to you and to ask you to come to my birthday party. I miss you Mom.” She hugged Sara with all her might.

“How is your mom doing?” she asked holding her daughter tighter.

“She cries a lot and looks at your picture. She drinks A LOT too we miss you Mom. You have to come home; we need to be a family again.”

Sara wiped the tears from her eyes. She handed Lindsey the Fed ex container. “Give this to your mom will you?”

Lindsey took the envelope watching as Sara carried out the last of her stuff to her car.

“Where you going?”

Sara opened her mouth to say something. “To Hou….”

“Home.” Catherine said taking the last piece of luggage from her wife.

Sara stared her mouth open and jaw looking as if it dropped to the floor. “Cat.”

Catherine smiled. “You ever do that again and I will personally tie you up and murder you.”

Sara nodded giving her a hug. “What about the divorce papers?”

Catherine took the papers from their daughter taking a lighter to it burning it. “What papers?”

Sara laughed so glad to be a family again.

“One condition were going to see a marriage counselor and you have to come. No questions or excuses got it?”

Sara grinned, giving Catherine a kiss.

“To death do us part.” She said

“Dam straight.”

The end

part of Dark secrets of Sara Sidle
Part 2 Glass shards and lighters
Author::: Sulas Matros Rosario
Disclaimer~~~~ There not mine but hey should be.
Rating~~~ Pg-13 curse words
Feedback:::: You gave it to me the first time do it again.
Notes::::: One night and a day and this baby was done and much tears later. *sniffles* the things I do to my characters. Word count 1110 I think dam word count

Part 2Collapse )

New Fanfiction Dark secrets of Sara Sidle
Author~~~ Sulas Matros Rosario
Rating~~~~ Lets say nc-17
Summary~~~~ Sara secrets
Pairing~~~ S/C S/LH
Word count~~~~332
Feedback~~~ Please still room to improve.
Notes~~~ If you like it I might do a part 2 where Catherine finds out.
Shot outs~~~ To my girl Ashley if it wasn’t for you this would never have been finished.

Dark secrets of Sara Sidle

She’s told herself time and time again she wouldn’t go back no matter what. But here she was on the doorstep to Lady Heather’s home. She knew what wait for her inside yet she stayed with her feet firmly planted to the ground.

“This is a mistake.” She thought as she opened the door. She shouldn’t be here Catherine was asleep and she should be at work. Yet she was entering the luxurious home knowing exactly where the Dominatrix was.

As she entered the room her eyes gazed upon a bath of red. “blood.” Came to mind as she went forward to inspect it further, her finger dipped into it she realized it wasn’t, just water and food coloring.

A small laugh was heard to her right as she saw the young women. Her eyes were green as emeralds and a dark mist hung around her naked body. She strode up to her toy placing the collar around her neck.

Sara smiled so happy to see the women that gave her such exquisite joy. She was sure this would be the last night. She’d leave and never return but she was lying to herself and to Catherine.

As those firm rough hands teased her nipples and plunged her into ecstasy. At these times she didn’t think of Catherine, the women she had married. She didn’t think about the fact that she was cheating and hurting her.

She could hear Heather’s voice in her ears. “Some secrets are best kept secret.”

Sara nodded. Picking up her clothes and wearily leaving. She knew she couldn’t stay because if she did she’d stay for good and be the whore that she felt she was.

Sneaking into the room in the morning and holding Catherine close.

“How was work baby?”

“Fine just fine.” Her lies and secrets she’d keep hidden till she could fight off the urge to feel pain.


Wahahaha my first CSI Fan fiction
Title~~~Slayer in Las
Rating~~~~uhhhh pg-13 for now language and fighting
Disclaimer~~~~I don't own any of the characters their all either joss whedons or the guyt hat created CSI.
Pairing~~~ Sara/?
Feedback~~~~Yes please I need it like air.
Email me at~~~~ Travynne_Toreador@yahoo.com
Notes~~~Enjoy I came up with a good story and would liek anyone to read and tell me what they thing this is just part 1.

She entered the town with its night life and lights everywhere casino after casino lining up and down the street. She was here for a purpose just like in nay town she’s stay kill the bad guys then leave. The clanking of her combat boots could be heard dangerously hitting the ground. Her face was covered by dark sunglasses and a hooded black sweatshirt. She was to remain invisible to everyone but sometimes things change. She walked past the lights and turned onto a more abandon street. She found a nice cheap apartment on the bad side of the town. Entering it felt like almost all the other places she lived in it looked slightly cleaner and she could see it hadn’t been used in a while. She placed her book bag on the bed then lit a cigarette to relax herself enough to go to sleep. Her mind and thoughts were always racing wondering what she’d find in this new place.
She finally got herself to sleep long enough for the day to come and then leave again.

Beep, Beep!! An alarm clock could be heard waking the girl from herself. She groaned slamming down on the loud contraption then got out of the warm comfortable bed to get a shower and get ready for work. As usual Sarah Sidle was early for work. She placed a few boxes of donuts in the break room then headed to her office to finish up some paper work. She yawned almost wishing she’s called in sick to get a few more hours of sleep. The paper work lay on her desk challenging her to finish it. She took the challenge then after she was done placed a cd on the computer. A heavy guitar could be heard as a band called Atreyu could be heard. She danced around playing air guitar trying to relax a bit every now and then taking a sip of her coffee. Nobody new she particular liked this type of music and she kept a secret or she know she’s be teased too the end. She danced around hair going everywhere but still looking perfectly neat.

Catherine Willows was the first to see Sarah in a very UN Sarah like situation. She was passing her office with a donut in one hand and a coffee latte in the other. She walked past just glancing briefly into her coworker’s office that’s when she walked back staring at the scene. She smiled seeing Sara’s guard down and just having a good time. She couldn’t help but feel special as to see this side of Sara no one has ever scene. Shortly more workers began to arrive Nick was trying to get Catherine’s attention when he too saw what Catherine was staring at he smiled.

Finally when the cd was over Sara could hear clapping she turned around and too much horror shut the door then closed the blinds cursing herself for not doing so.

Catherine looked too the other coworkers. “I guess she doesn’t like applause.”
They laughed then headed into the break room to get their assignments. Fortunately for them Grissom was late.

“I think it was cute she was sooooo defenseless and just wanted to kick back and relax.” Catherine said.

Nick laughed. “Yes, but doing it in her office is just asking for trouble.”

Warwick objected. “Don’t be so mean to her she didn’t know we were watching.”

Grissom came in an hour later. “Quite, quite where’s Sarah?” he asked noticing the young girl wasn’t there.

“Uhh boss she’s busy hiding in her office of utter embarrassment.” Nick said which got him kicked by Warwick and smacked by Catherine.

Grissom nodded. “I see well one of you should go…” Before he finished the sentence Sara had walked in all sign of embarrassment gone from her face.

Grissom smiled. “Welcome Sara now as I was about to say I have some new assignments. We have plenty of work ahead of us tonight. Catherine and Sara will be taking one the person who called in believes it’s a homicide. Warwick and I will be taking another across town. Nick will be going to the church on Dester Street. After Catherine is done she’ll meet you up at the other site. That’s all be safe and let’s roll.”

Everyone got up taking the papers then heading for their vehicles. Sara took a separate Tahoe getting to the crime scene earlier then Catherine who needed to gather a few things. When she entered the house she was led into the basement. The coroner was already there trying to figure out the time of death. He smiled when he saw the familiar CSI.

“It’s good to see you Sarah. This one has baffled me the corpse is cold and stiff yet in certain areas it’s extremely warm. So it’s very hard to discover a time of death I’m guessing that she died it least three months ago but no insects have got into it.”

Sara nodded taking out a q-tip and taking some of the blood from the victim. She studied the victim trying to figure out where the wound was that caused such a bloody mess. She opened the shirt trying to find a stab wound of some kind she found nothing. She took pictures before doing anything else trying to figure out and piece together what happened. She bagged the girl’s clothes looking for any sign of a wound still finding none. She checked the wrists and legs for a possible suicide again nothing. Then she started to examine the neck and head that’s where she found it two little punctures at the jugular. She shook her head knowing that this couldn’t have very well killed the person.

Catherine came up startling her. “What do we have?”

Sara sighed taking another few pictures at different angles of the wounds. “Not sure it wasn’t a suicide but I don’t think it was a homicide either. This one is baffling me I’m pretty sure that blood isn’t hers.”

“Then who’s is it?”

Sara took the clothes placing them in a bag. “That my dear is what we need to find out.” She watched the coroner take the body back to lab as they grabbed the evidence heading back. Catherine heading to the next crime scene. The night was darker then usual some of the places had already closed down their lights off giving the street a more haunting look. Sarah stopped at the red light looking around seeing too people coming her way. Instead of obeying the red light she went faster she knew this part of town wasn’t any good and she wasn’t in the mood to get robbed. After getting to the lab she headed home and fell into a deep disturbed slumber.

But while Sara slept Faith slayed. They had cornered her three in her front and two in her back she looked up seeing a stairway railing she jumped up catching it then hitting the guy in the head with it. The thing growled she kicked it in the face then did a back flip so she was behind all of them. Two rush her she kicked one away and threw the other into the wall the other three looked at each other.

“Slayer.” Two said. The one that had remained quite was dust in a matter of minutes the other two tried to run off and tell their master of their new found discovery. She picked up the stake throwing it into his heart then took out a sword cutting the others head clean off.

She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins. She panted looking around for anymore baddies then was disappointed when she could see none. She whistled twirling her stake then heading for a club and to get some chow.

The beat of the club made her happy to let loose again she danced with all the guys making them want her. She party letting the steam off from slaying. She really liked this city so far.

Sara’s phone rang her answering machine came on waking her. “Hey Sara we got a match on that blood you were right it wasn’t the victims. It actually belonged to a guy that want missing fifteen years ago and then was presumed dead. So get over here when you wake up because those wound holes on the victim are actually people marks. Let em put it this way I think were dealing with a whole new case. Ohhh and the others found almost the exact same thing so we believe all the victims are the same and were killed by the same person.”

Sara woke listening to the message then heading into work.

“So are we looking for the guy that was resumed dead?” she asked.

Warwick nodded. “Apparently so but the victim she had no family, friends or relatives nobody know anything about her. So this case is going to be tricky the other victims can’t be identified yet.”

Grissom came in. “We got another one Sara you and Catherine comes with me.” They raced to the crime scene everything was the same the puncture wounds on the jugular and the blood on the body. They took the blood to make sure it matched with the same guy.

Faith watched in the shadows as they took the body she shook her head sadly. She was going to have to kill those sons of bitches before they attack those investigators. She watched them all leave well she thought it was all of them Sara was still in the lab looking through the microscope at the other evidence.

Faith snuck in through a window in the bathroom she unlocked the door then went slowly down the halls looking for where they kept the bodies. Sara got up from the microscope then headed into the room where they kept the bodies she was typing on the computer when someone came around grabbing onto her neck and trying to choke her. She kicked then managed scream as the attacker tried to bite her.

Faith ran full force seeing the vampire trying to bite the CSI. “Dammit she grabbed the vampire off the girl then slammed him into the ground beating the shit out of him then took out the stake just as Sara turned around to see him go to dust.

“Thank….” Sara tried to say but Faith only placed her hand around the girl’s mouth.

She listened for the sounds she took her hand off the girl’s mouth whispering quietly. “Where are the other victims with the bite marks on their neck?”

Sara led her into the morgue. Already three had began to rise Faith handed her a smaller stake. “Ram this into their heart if you want to live. Their not human their dead you stake them then they go poof into dust.”

Sara nodded watching the victim’s body rise. She stood behind Faith for protection. Faith dusted the first two before they could even get off the metal slab table. Then one that was particular strong had its arms wrapped around her throat she tried to kick him off but it didn’t work. All of a sudden he went poof which caused Faith to cough and wonder. There stood the CSI with the stake smiling triumphantly. They dusted the rests then something hit her. “The bodies I just destroyed evidence.”

Faith shrugged. “Would you them have rather ate your friends?” she asked Sara shook her head no.

Faith went to leave. “Wait what’s your name?”

Faith turned around a cocky grin on her face. “Faith.”

Sara nodded. “Right…. Faith.”

Hello people
*looks around* Where Am I? Ohhh hey hell people my names is Travynne this is where you will be able to fine my fanfcition mostly for csi and some others so enjoy and feedback is welcome all the time.